Introduction to Huangguoshu Waterfall Resort

The giant Huangguoshu Waterfall measures 77.8 meters high and 101.0 meters wide. It is the largest in China and one of the largest waterfalls in the world.

As early as over 300 years ago, the famous Chinese geologist and traveler Xu Xiake recorded, “the foams rise from the rocks like a mist. The waterfall is with such a momentum that even the couplet ‘a screen of pearl released from hooks/or silk that hangs on faraway peaks’ cannot describe to the full its majesty.” The roaring river dashes down from the over-70-meter-high cliff into the Xiniu Pond, creating a noise as if a thousand people were beating drums or tens of thousands of horses were galloping. The thundering noise reaches as far as several kilometers away and strikes the tourists’ hearts.

Huangguoshu Waterfall has big, medium, and small water volumes in different time of the year. For 9 or 10 months in a year the waterfall has an average medium water volume at 20 cubic meters per second. The sight varies in accordance with the water volume. When there is a big water volume at 1500 cubic meters per second, the silver waves dash to the sky with such a great momentum that the spray may splatter up as high as over 100 meters and envelope the Huangguoshu street market like a mist. Even in sunny days, tourists at the market have to walk under umbrellas, and hence the praise “silver rain sprinkling over the golden (sunlit) street”. The rising water beads are like billions of sparkling stars that drift along the wind and waft dazzlingly from above the sky. When there is a medium water volume, the waterfall is divided into four branches with different shapes and styles. The leftmost one is the smallest but spreads wide, featuring elegance; the second from the left is the biggest and measures the same width from up down, featuring grandness; the third from the left is next to the former in water volume and is wide in the upper part and narrow in the lower, featuring majesty; the rightmost ranks the third in water volume and is narrow in the upper part and wide in the lower, featuring natural and unrestrained grace. In fact, the waterfall is at its best with a medium water volume. At that time, its contour is clear and the snow-white water, together with the dark green pond, the blue sky, and the rainbow, forms a perfect picture. When there is a small water volume, the four branches spread on the entire surface of the cliff and loses none of its width and majesty. Huangugoshu Waterfall is world-famous for its majesty. However, compared with the other famous waterfalls in the world, it has another appeal, i.e. the water curtain cave in the middle of the great waterfall.

The water curtain cave is located 40 to 47 meters high in the waterfall and is 134 meters long with 6 “windows”, 5 “halls”, 3 springs, and 6 passages. To be near the waterfall is striking already, and to walk in the waterfall is most thrilling and awe-inspiring. No trip to Huangguoshu Waterfall will be complete without a visit to the water curtain cave, as the tourists will not be able to appreciate the magnificence of the waterfall to the full.

There is another wonderful sight when crossing the cave as tourists can watch the rainbows on the Xiniu Pond from different cave “windows”. These rainbows are not only colorful but also change positions. As long as it is sunny, you can see them from 9 am to 5 pm, which will change position as you move about. As the ancients say, “the rainbow in the sky is set off by the blue welkin, whereas the rainbow in Xiniu Pond is set off by the snow-white waterfall”, and hence the name “rosy glow on the snow-white waterfall”.

Ticket Fee of Huangguoshu National Park of China

Giant Waterfall Resort: 180 yuan/person/time

Return Ticket for Automatic elevator at the Giant Waterfall: 50 yuan/person/time