Introduction to Tianxing Resort

Tianxing Resort is a fully developed zone in Huangguoshu National Park. The planned area of the resort is 7 square km and the developed area for tourism is 4.5 square km, which is divided into 3 interconnected parts, namely, Tianxingpen Resort, Tianxingdong Resort, and Waterborne Stone Forest Zone. The resort is integrated with mountains, waters, forests and caves, featuring dense stalagmites, lush forests, and limpid water.

Located on the surface of a 500-m-long underground stream west to the river bank, the Tianxingpen Resort is about 800 meters long with natural rock formations of various sizes. A 3-km-long stone-planked path winds through the stone walls, moats, and openings and above the rock formations. Wandering in the resort, you can appreciate the natural beauty of the mountains and the hills and the majesty of the stone forest. The stone forest nearby and the remote peaks are reflected in the dark green water, unfolding a light, elegant, pleasant landscape. You can also take a bamboo raft, float in between the valleys and the stone forest, and enjoy the natural scenery from another perspective.

Tianxingpen Resort has also such natural scenic spots as Beauty Banyan, Celestial Palms, Slanting Comb, Panda Holding Bamboos, and Wing-Spreading Hawk, etc. Tianxingdong Resort is located in the middle of Tianxing resort. Besides the stalactites in the cave, the scenic spot has also a special sight outside the cave: the sight called “a gleam of sky” has a very narrow path that is over 20 meters long; Maoshuitan Pond is the outlet of an underground river. When there is a flood, the river under the heavy impact can rise as high as 5 to 6 meters high, which forms a majestic scene.

The river bed in the Waterborne Stone Forest zone is as wide as 400 meters, in the midst of which the stone forest stands, covering an area of about 0.4 square km. The forest is washed by the river for years, which is scattered with large patches of cactus and shrubs and shaded under the green trees. On the cold stones is a scene of the prosperity of life. As the saying goes, “the water runs over the stones, and the stones crouch over the water. There are stones over stones with trees growing on top of them.” The Waterborne Stone Forest zone boasts of many scenic spots, such as Banyan Party, Root King, Root Screen, Winding Roots and Picturesque Wall, Celestial Lady, etc. The Galaxy Waterfall and the Xingxia Waterfall are also located on the left and right sides of the stone forest.

The Galaxy Waterfall

The Galaxy Waterfall is located on the left side above the Waterborne Stone Forest in Tianxing Resort. Among the waterfalls in Huangguoshu, it stands out not for its width or height, but for its countless branches and plaintive sound. Tourists often linger here and forget to return. The waterfall is only over 10 meters high, with the upper part shaped like a funnel, and the pond in the bottom like a trough. The stone bumps above the pond are like upside-down lotus leaves that cover each other, and the river is spread on each such “leave” like thousands of silver chains of various sizes. The stream falls down to the deep pond slowly and gracefully, producing an endless, plaintive sound.